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05.12.2020 10:00 We talked about Shiitake musrhooms and doings in the Farm. In Estonian.

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Did You know ?

Did you know, Mushrooms, in general, are known to be great for weight loss. Not only are they low in calories but also very high in antioxidants. Therefore Shiitake Mushrooms are a delicious way of losing weight.

Have You already eaten organically cultivated Estonian Shiitake mushrooms this month ?


Lionˇs mane/ Pom Pom

We started cultivating Lionˇs mane / Pom pom (Hericium erinaceus). 

It is stated to have good taste and immunity boosting efects.

Have you heard of this mushroom before ? – Shiitake noodles with shrimp

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Nutristionist Erik Orgu

Erik Orgu recommends Shiitake mushrooms:

A meal plan to change your life

Who doesn’t wish for a better life: one with more energy, a clear mind, a slimmer body. Achieve all that with Estonia’s foremost nutrition program.

Bigger, better, now Grill shiitake available!

Shiitake-mushrooms have to form a part of healthy eating habits

Shiitake (Lentinula edodes, also known as “Sleeping Buddha’s mushroom”) is a miraculous dish, which impact on the prevention of tumours due to its content comprising polysaccharide lentinan is being intensively studied.

Shiitake mushrooms boost the immune system of the body and help to keep the level of cholesterol under control. This extremely delicious food supplement has to be an integral part of our everyday menu.

Add one or two shiitake mushrooms to your everyday menu to provide good taste and good health to your entire family!


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Shiitake mushroom and chanterelle go together well

Did you know that shiitake mushroom together with chanterelle make up more than just a sum of two added parts?

The slightly different umami of these two mushrooms provides a perfect combination in cooking.

Umami (pleasant savoury taste – in the Japanese language) is one of the five basic tastes which give food good taste. It is the genuine taste of refreshing nature experienced through taste receptors.

Invigorating, delicious and light!

Mix the mushrooms, add some spices and let them absorb for a while.

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Mallukas, the blogger, tested Shiitake …


17. oktoober 2017

Ükskord jäid poes näppu mingid shitaake seened. Ma enne arvasin, et neid ongi ainult kuivatatuna müügil ja mingisuguste aasiapäraste roogade sisse vaja, seega mul polnud eriti nende vastu huvi. Aga kui paki peal oli suur silt, et ala prae võis nagu kukeseent, siis ma mõtlesin FBis uurida, et kes neid maitsnud on ja kas tasub […]


Now Shiitake available in SOLARIS and Viimsi DELICE foodstores. 

Now Shiitake available in SOLARIS and Viimsi DELICE foodstores. #solaris #delice #ilovemushrooms