Still counting sheep to fall asleep?

Our lifestyle and habits dictate our quality of sleep in a massive way. The factors around us that notably affect our sleep quality are exercise, nutrition, mental balance, and our overall environment.

How can Reishi increase the quality of your sleep? 😴

Because of its active elements such as amino acids, polysaccharides, and peptides, reishi is vital to the health of cells, tissue and muscles.
Reishi is also known for its adaptogenic effects, which can help combat stress and help us find balance, both on the physical and mental level. In that way, Reishi can also support falling asleep and improve sleep quality

Chaga, known as the protector of steady minds in old Estonian folklore and other nations in the northern hemisphere.

Chaga has been a well-known healer and health booster in the northern hemisphere for thousands of years. This reliable mushroom was used by the Khanty shamans for ceremonies. The Cree healers, an North American native tribe, have an origin story of how thanks to the mythological creature Wisakecak, Chaga started to grow on birch trees. After that, they used Chaga in pipe ceremonies for its sweet aroma.

Chaga is a fungus of balance and peace of mind that carries on the wisdom and beliefs of indigenous peoples.

Reishi will take you to the moon!

 If not literally then for sure in your dreams.

One of the first mushrooms to gain recognition in eastern medicine- Reishi is otherwise known as Lingzhi (where zhi means “mushroom and ling (spiritual potency), has been the elixir of wisdom and vitality in China for over 2500 years.

For its multitude of benefits to health, from stress relief to anti-tumor properties, in modern society Reishi has been found to help with sleep issues.

Good sleep is the groundwork for a balanced life.


”Nerves of steel and the memory of a lion”

Lion’s mane is one of the most unique creatures in the mushroom community. In traditional Eastern medicine, the lion’s mane is known as “the mushroom of wisdom”. And indeed the lion’s mane mushroom has a variety of characteristics, which can sharpen the mind, improve brain function and stimulate the nervous system.

The lion’s mane mushroom has been researched quite a lot regarding its positive effects on brain health. Scientists have found that consuming Lion’s mane can heal unhealthy or damaged nerve cells as well as improve communication between neurons.

Look forward to more info on Lion’s mane and other mushrooms, as our selection of tinctures will grow bigger in the upcoming weeks!

Support homegrown products

Mushrooms ain’t gonna find you, but you can go and find them hanging out in the vegetable aisle.

There aren’t a lot of locally grown vegetables in Estonia due to our harsh climate. That’s why with mushrooms it’s important to support our homegrown, local products.

Scandic Organic mushrooms are grown in Estonia, you can find our mushrooms in all major stores and in our e-shop.

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05.12.2020 10:00 We talked about Shiitake musrhooms and doings in the Farm. In Estonian.

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Did You know ?

Did you know, Mushrooms, in general, are known to be great for weight loss. Not only are they low in calories but also very high in antioxidants. Therefore Shiitake Mushrooms are a delicious way of losing weight.

Have You already eaten organically cultivated Estonian Shiitake mushrooms this month ?


Lionˇs mane/ Pom Pom

We started cultivating Lionˇs mane / Pom pom (Hericium erinaceus). 

It is stated to have good taste and immunity boosting efects.

Have you heard of this mushroom before ? – Shiitake noodles with shrimp

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Nutristionist Erik Orgu

Erik Orgu recommends Shiitake mushrooms:

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