Policy for Food Safety and Quality, Medical mushroom farming indoor and outdoor

Consumers are increasingly aware of their health,  wellness and environment. Medical and Gourmet mushroom R&D can provide a variety of solutions if input raw materials, packaging is done properly and sustainably. Customer safety is our top priority and high-level product quality is the foundation where we lay our basis.

Our vision:

  • Scandic Organic R&D center is bringing about Green Innovation & Wellness trends
  • Engage in preemptive approach to widen consciousness and extend human health
  • Provide value for forest and land owners to create sustainable revenue systems
  • Feed the world through meat alternatives

Our values:

  • Innovation, to be the lighthouse of research and development
  • Transparency, to provide traceability of ingredients and clearability of the decision-making process
  • Passion, to bring about change in innovation and wellness
  • Safety, audited raw ingredients and sustainable partnerships


We apply strict product safety and quality standards throughout our value chain to ensure that the mushrooms we grow and packaging are safe. Scandic Organic grows mushroom varieties indoors and outdoor, to provide the lowest environmental impact and highest quality ingredients.

Scandic Organic OÜ efforts to ensure food safety and quality contribute to the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12 and 17.

We will pay due attention to the rights and interests of employees, consumers, customers, local communities and other stakeholders affected by our business. We value open, fact-based, honest and respectful communication within our own organization as well as in our dialogue with external stakeholders. We will strive for achieving a working environment where employees feel comfortable in expressing themselves. Our objective is also to create safe workplaces with zero injuries.


On behalf of Scandic Organic OÜ

Siim Raadik