Shiitake and sun-dried tomato do not need meat

Try new mushroom pizza rich with umami

You can make this pizza vegan by changing the cheese


2,5 dl wholegrain rice flour

2,5 dl wheat flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp rock salt 0,5 dl canola oil

n. 5 dl water


150-200g shiitake mushrooms. 1 can crushed tomato.  3tbsp ketchup. Good cheese (blue cheese according to taste) sun dried tomatoes. You can use the mushrooms as is, but the more taste you get if you pre-fry them on a pan.

Slice the mushrooms. Put about 1,5 cm water in a frying pan, and about 6 tbsp teriyaki sauce. Add the sliced mushroom and boil down the liquid. Spread the tomato pure and the ketchup on the base. Add an even layer of mushroom slices. Add good quality cheese on top and the rest of the mushrooms with sundried tomatoes. Drain some teriyaki sauce on the surface. Season with oregano and blue cheese, if you want to. Bake in an oven 220C° about 10-15 min. It’s ready when the cheese gets some colour on it and the mushrooms are well roasted.

If you leave part of the mushrooms on top of the cheese and some under, you get the best in flavour from them.

This pizza is best when served with malty beer in a good company.

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