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FAQ – DIY Mushroom Grow kit

Our DIY mushroom grow kits are fully colonized with mushroom mycelium and ready to grow. Below you can get answers to some frequently asked questions. Find your DIY Mushroom Grow kit here.


When do I open/activate grow box?

The grow kit comes with fully colonized mycelium and is ready for fruiting. If you ordered one of our DIY grow kits from our online shop you can activate it immediately or you can wait up to two weeks, given the grow kit is stored in an appropriate setting.

Once opened, mushrooms will start to fruit within 3 to 7 days. In more cold environments it may take slightly longer for mushrooms to appear.

How do I open the grow kit?

Method #1

  1. Remove the front cardboard panel. 
  2. Cut an “X” into the plastic bag using a clean, sharp knife. This will expose the substrate to fresh air and will encourage the formation of mushroom pins. 

PS! Do not remove the plastic film, a 3-4cm cut is perfect. 

Method #2

  1. Remove the front cardboard panel.
  2. Make 4 small holes into the plastic film using a clean, sharp object like a pencil or screwdriver. 

Where do I place my grow kit once I cut it open?

Place the grow kit indoors out of direct sunlight. Ensure that there is enough fresh air and good circulation near the grow kit. Also, make sure that the grow box is not positioned near a heat pump or anything else that could raise the temperature or dry the air around the grow kit too much.

What are the ideal conditions for mushrooms to grow?

Oyster mushrooms grow best in high humidity environments so you will need to regularly mist/spray the mushrooms with water. They also do well in areas that are well ventilated with good natural light but not direct sunlight. The perfect temperature for successful growth is between 22-25◦C.

Grey oyster mushrooms will successfully grow basically in every temperature (granted the temperature doesn’t fall below 0◦C or rise above 30◦C+). High humidity is essential.

The Pink oyster mushroom variety prefers warmer conditions and grows best at temperatures between 22◦C and 25◦C. 

Lion’s Mane is a slow grower and prefers temperatures between 18◦C-24◦C. As the fruiting bodies start to grow don’t spray water straight on the mushroom, hold the distance about 20-30 cm as you spray.

We recommend using an air humidifier to keep the ideal air humidity for mushroom growth. If not possible then keep in mind that all mushrooms need constant and regular misting/spraying. 

How many harvests will the mushroom grow kit produce?

If you give the mushroom grow kit the proper care it deserves, then you can expect at least one harvest and in excellent conditions, even two. For a second harvest, we recommend using an air humidifier.

How often should I water my mushrooms?

It’s important that you won’t let the substrate go dry. Use a spray bottle to mist the area where you cut the X/holes and make sure that water makes it under the plastic film. Aim to do this at least 3 times a day, at least 2-3 sprays or more if needed. The idea is to keep the area where the mushrooms will grow moist so if it starts to look dry, feel free to water again. Once more – the air humidifier is the perfect aid to make sure that the humidity levels stay stable. 

Once you see little mushroom pins appearing, you can mist them more often – but keep at least a 10 cm distance as you spray, do not spray straight onto and too close to the mushrooms. 

How long before I see any mushrooms form?

Typically, it takes 3 to 7 days after activation before you will see small mushroom pins forming but every mushroom kit is unique. After the pins have appeared, you will see the mushrooms double in size every 24 hours until they are ready to be harvested.

When can I harvest my mushrooms?

Generally, once your mushrooms start growing they should be ready to pick after 4 to 7 days. However, Lion’s Mane takes around 10 days.

You should be on the lookout for the following signs to understand if mushrooms are ready to be harvested.

– They are no longer doubling in size daily.

– For oyster mushrooms, the edges of the caps are still curled down but are becoming wavy.  

-Lions’ mane tends to develop “teeth” (usually but not always), the best time to harvest lions’ mane is when it stops growing bigger visually.

How do I harvest my mushrooms?

Firmly grip the mushroom cluster at its base and then in one motion, twist and pull the whole mushroom bunch off. Make sure to include all the caps and the stems and grip them as close to the base as possible. The whole bunch will come off together. You can also use a clean knife and cut under the base of the mushroom.

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